Q- What time should I put my trash out in the morning?

A- Please have your trash, recycle and yard waste out by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled pick up day.

Q- Can I pay my bill through bill pay?

A- Yes, we will accept payment through your own bank's bill pay and other bill pay service providers.

Q- Can I pay with a credit card?

A- Yes, you can pay your bill with Visa, MasterCard or Discover.   Click on the Online Bill Pay tab on the home screen (please allow up to 48 hours for payment to be credited to your account) or call 913-406-9460 to pay over the phone with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Q- I put my trash out Tuesday morning but my scheduled pick up day was Monday. Will you come back to pick it up anyway?

A- Unfortunately, no; because of our tight schedule we cannot come back to a stop that wasn't scheduled for that day or was out late. Please put trash, recycle and yard waste at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your pick up day.

Q- I forgot to put my trash out, will you credit me for that week?

A- Unfortunately, no; we cannot.  However, we will pick up the missed trash on your next pick up day. Just call to notify us you will be placing out extra bags on the ground to the side of the trash cart.

Q-I am going out of town and won't need service for several weeks. Will I still be charged?

A- If you give us a call at least a week in advance to let us know to stop service we will put your service on hold and you won't be charged. We require the hold to be for a minimum of 2 weeks. When you are ready to resume service give us a notice of at least one week and we will remove your hold. We will hold service a maximum of two times per calendar year.

Q- While I was on vacation I was given a credit for my trash removal but not my yard waste.  Why wasn't I credited for both?

A- Our yard waste program is so affordable because it is based on a full year of service.  We are not able to credit for vacation holds.

Q- I thought that recycling services were "unlimited" but I left out large cardboard boxes that my new furniture/appliance/pool table etc were delivered in, but they were not picked up. 

A- While recycling is an unlimited service we are not able to take large items that have not been broken down into manageable pieces. Flattening small boxes and/or cutting down large boxes to approximately 2' x 2' sections and then securing them with string or twine, will allow our drivers to empty your full cart, put those pieces in the cart and then empty it again.

Q- Can I place large items out for pick up?

A- Yes, but you must call ahead to make arrangements, schedule your special pick up day and get a price quote for pick up of large items. 

Q- I need to end my trash service, what do I need to do?

A- We require that you give us a 30 day written notice when cancelling your service. We will collect empty and clean carts after your scheduled final pick up date, usually within a week of that date. All property of Superior Disposal Service (recycle/trash carts) needs to be returned to us to avoid additional costs . If the 30 days notice has been provided and all property of SDS has been returned a refund may be given.

Q - Can my neighbor(s) and I share trash service?

A - No, this would be considered theft of service.  Should we have reason to believe you are stealing service from us your account will be closed, any unused credit may not be refunded and we may file charges against you and any other parties involved.

Q - Does your company take large amounts of yard waste such as entire trees?

A - No, we are not a tree service.  Local tree services offer better and more cost effective solutions than we are able to offer our customers.

Q - Why don't I receive a return envelope with by billing statement?

A - We do our best to keep our cost down so we can pass the savings on to our customers.  With the use of your credit or debit card we offer free online bill pay, free auto pay and free phone payments with our friendly customer service representatives by calling 913-406-9460 if you would rather not mail you payment. 

Q - I need stickers for additional bags.  Where can I purchase those? And what can they be used for?

A - Stickers are available for purchase at Shawnee City Hall, Overland Park City Hall and at Superior Disposal Service. Overage stickers can be used on regular household trash bags and/or yard waste bags. Bags can not weigh over 35 pounds.

Q - Are overage stickers refundable? Do they expire?

A- Overage stickers are non-refundable and they never expire.

Q-I paid over the phone for stickers, asked Superior to mail them to my home but they never arrived.  Will you mail them again?

A- No, we are not able to mail another batch of stickers if they do not arrive at your home.  If you have had problems with your mail delivery it may be a better idea to purchase your stickers at Shawnee City Hall, Overland Park City Hall or visit us at our office in Kansas City. Superior cannot be held responsible for postal loss/damage. Or, you can request stickers to be mailed with tracking and pay for the extra postage cost.

Q - Is your yard waste service refundable?

A - No, our yard waste program is non-refundable.

Q - May I purchase a partial year of yard waste service or will you refund for the pick ups I do not need?

A - No, our yard waste program is priced based on an entire year.

Q - You recently delivered a cart but I already have one of my own.  Do I have to use your cart?

A - Yes, we use automated trucks and our carts are specially designed to work with our trucks.
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